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Superior Access to Financiers

unique relationships

Unmatched access to Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean leasing houses, many unknown internationally but willing to finance foreign owners.

Strong presence on the ground in China with direct access to senior management in the leasing houses.

Outstanding success rate due to our unique know-how and placing power amongst potential lenders.

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Alternative Finance

available and attractive

Chinese leasing has become the alternative of choice to traditional bank lending for vessel finance, with Chinese institutions continuing to expand while European and American shipping banks are still contracting.

The main attractions with sale-leaseback structures are higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios than mortgage-backed bank loans and longer age profiles, while pricing is typically on par with traditional bank loans, for a much more favourable weighted average cost of capital.


Best Terms Available


We can source highly attractive financing proposal for any type of shipping transaction that our clients may contemplate, whether  new-buildings, second-hand purchases, or refinancing of existing vessels.

In cases where our clients may already have a relationship with one or several Chinese leasing houses, we almost always secure better terms than what they would be offered directly.

We can also tap into pockets otherwise not directly available to non-Chinese shipowners.

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Fast Execution

maximum efficiency

In terms of process, we typically deliver an indication to you within a couple of days of receiving your info package, a term sheet within another 10 days from when the main terms are agreed, and funding within another 1- 2 months from signing the term sheet.

Our relationships and knowledge of what every lessor is looking for at any given time and our experience in driving finance projects ensure an efficient process that improves the likelihood of a successful close.

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