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What type of assets can be financed?

Any maritime asset related to shipping, cruise, offshore, wind installations, ports and terminals, whether newbuilding, acquisition of second-hand assets, or refinance of existing assets.

What is the maximum age of the assets that can be financed?

Ideally not older than 10 years but older can certainly be considered, up to 15-18 years, for companies with a strong balance sheet. Even older than that can be considered for LNG, cruise and FPSO.

Is financing on a corporate or project basis?

Borrowers having a corporate structure including a holding company, owning a minimum of 5 ships, that can issue a parent guarantee is preferred. Project borrowing on a non-recourse basis can also be arranged provided satisfactory employment.

Is there a minimum transaction size requirement?

We can raise finance amounts starting as low as $5 million but better terms can progressively be achieved from $25 million onwards.

Why should I use you in the first place?

We can achieve better terms than anyone else in this market and we have a track record in closing transactions in the most time efficient manner.

Are your services expensive?

Our fees are very competitive and we always work on a 100% 'no-cure no-pay' success basis for full alignment with our clients' interests.

Still have questions? Reach out and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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